Art grants are rare following years of cut backs and even harder to come by for Christian productions seeking to maintain their integrity, hence our productions are self financed. If you would like to give a one off donation to one of our projects, or become a monthly donor then get in touch.

Our most popular productions

Family Secrets started life as a stage play and has now become our first feature play. The Matthew's are a loving family and on the surface life seems great. Ruth owns her own successful business and is hoping to start a family, her sister Naomi is preparing for marriage and their younger brother Zac has just graduated with first class honours. But behind the forced smiles and restrained conversations, the three siblings are each struggling with something they feel too ashamed to talk about. Can they find the courage to confide in each other or will their secrets darken their lives forever?

Life Begins is the story of 4 Christian friends all around the age of 40 are struggling with singleness. Amanda is desperate to be married and have children while Julie is patiently trusting God. Rob is divorced and longs for a reunion with his wife, while Stephen is so fastidious when it comes to women it seems he’ll never marry. This comedy drama takes a humorous, yet real look at the joys and trials of desiring a soul-mate.

Black & White - Linda is a white British woman who believes gun culture is solely the business of the black community. But when her son buys a gun which is later used in a fatal shooting, the problem she thought belonged to everyone else, becomes hers. Nan has done her best to bring up her grandsons in a godly fashion ... surely they would never get mixed up in mindless violence. Max and Nicola are the parents of the murdered boy and are struggling to come to terms with what has happened. Will they ever be able to forgive this injustice?