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Life Begins


They say life begins at 40, which is great if you're happily married, with 2.5 kids. But what if you're single and lonely? Is it a time for celebration...or commiseration? Is it really the beginning? Or the beginning of the end? Amanda, Julie, Rob and Steven, are about to find out ... Check out for show dates and venues.

Filmed and edited by Lady Shay productions

Black and White

Movie Teaser

As we're busy putting the finishing touches on the movie, we thought we'd wet your appetite with a little teaser.
For more info on our screening and where you can see this film, like and follow us.

Colliding Cultures

SVG Productions

SVG debut short film. 5 passengers of varying cultures clash on the London underground. Intolerance of cultures, youth and older folks. An SVG & Sardine Pictures production.

Family Secrets

Movie Teaser

Our most popular stage show is now a film! Please help us fund it's production and donate whatever you can, and share, share, share. The more people who hear about this and have the opportunity to support the project is the sooner we'll fulfil our dream...and the sooner you'll get to watch the amazing film.